Sunday, February 13, 2011

159. Boomer Sooner

Although I’m not a huge fan of football, I’m a huge fan of OU football. Well, mostly I’m a huge fan of OU football watch parties. There’s just something exciting about putting on an OU shirt and watching the Sooners dominate whatever team they’re playing. Well, unless it’s a Bowl game. The Sooners tend to choke when it comes to Bowl games.

The Fiesta Bowl game was Saturday night, so we had the perfect opportunity to test out our huge 3D TV. We only had two pair of 3D glasses (they cost $97 each!), so we passed them around the room until everyone who wasn’t wearing the glasses had headaches from watching the blurred images dance across the screen.

I think my favorite thing about watch parties is the game-day food. Chips and queso, hot dogs, bratwursts, potato chips, and lll’ Smokies. Oh, and don’t forget the beer. Lots and lots of beer. But for the Bowl game watch party in our new house, we went all out. We had it catered by On the Border. With Joyce’s corporate card, we were able to get chips, black bean dip, queso, guacamole, quesadillas, fajitas, and sopapillas, and all we had to pay was the tip. Joyce definitely was a roommate with benefits.

I strategically placed myself in front of the guacamole for optimal dipping position. Guacamole was my weak spot.

Cayden sat next to me, sporting his new OU Sooners T shirt. We’d spend the afternoon at the Galleria in a store called Student Union. It had the best selection of OU paraphernalia I’d ever seen. And the prices were nearly half of what they would be at an OU store in Norman,

We must have spent two hours in there trying on anything in our size and some things a couple sizes too small. Cayden and I snuck in and out of each other’s fitting rooms, kissing between T shirt changes.

“I still really want a Longhorn shirt,” he’d said. I nearly slapped him.

“What’s so wrong with that? I don’t like the team, I just like the color,” he’d said, trying to defend himself.

“What do you like about burnt orange, exactly? It looks like baby diarrhea,” I said. Dawn shook her head at him and gave him a disapproving glare.

“I think it looks good on me,” he shot back.

I caught him perusing the Texas section, but in the end he walked away with a new OU jersey and a cream-colored Sooners T shirt that stretched beautifully across his chest.

I bought two new T shirts for myself, and Dawn bought a Sooners zip-up hoodie. We were prepared for game day.

I looked around the living room and saw that the only two people not wearing OU shirts were Joey and Terry’s brother. But they weren’t wearing Texas shirts, so I didn’t demand they leave.

To our surprise, the Sooners pulled out a win, and with the 55-inch TV, it felt like we were there.

“I can’t wait to take you to an OU game so you can see what that’s like in person,” I said, gesturing to the Sooner fans on the TV, dancing and singing and jumping up and down. There really wasn’t anything like Sooner spirit at a football game.

“I can’t even imagine a stadium that big. And for a college! We don’t even have stadiums that big for our professional sports!”

He’d wee his pants if I took him to an OU game at the stadium in Norman.

The real win of the night, though, was when I heard Cayden say “Boomer Sooner.”

Go OU!



  1. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?! Burnt orange is soooooooooooooooooooooo ugly! Is he crazy?!
    (but I'm also a die-hard Sooner fan)

    BUT, him saying Boomer Sooner makes up for it. I guess.

    Oh man, that game was AWESOME! I was there for it and you could feel the Sooner magic like we were back in Norman. Definitely bring him to a game in Norman though!

  2. i'm w/ mallori...burnt orange is baby puke!!!!! i love that he has an OU shirt. def need to take him to norman. like you said, nothing like a real live OU football game. BOOMER SOONER. you haven't lived until you've experienced it!!

  3. He actually LIKES the color burnt orange??? Wow. I am shocked. I didn't know that was possible! At least you prevented this longhorn shirt-buying!

  4. Yeah, I don't know what his deal is! Maybe he's color blind?? I can't freakin wait to take him to a game in Norman!! Hell, I can't wait to take him to Norman!