Friday, November 26, 2010

126. Trick or Treat

After our non-shopping adventure at the mall, Cayden and I headed to Keller to spend Halloween night at my parents' house. Luckily, this time there wasn't any traffic or construction, and I wasn't starving, so Cayden didn't have to put up with Hungry-Road-Rage Whitney. Instead of me screaming at passing cars while simultaneously scavenging for food in the backseat, we got to sit back and enjoy the "scenery" that is highway 183.

"So, Joyce and Joey seem great together. You introduced him, right?" Cayden asked.

"I did! Joey is on my kickball team, and right when I met him, I thought, 'holy crap, I have to set him up with someone.' So Rae and I asked him what his type was and he said, 'Someone outgoing, she has to be able to dish it right back to me. Oh, and she has to be funny. Really funny. Brunette helps."

"So, naturally, you thought of Joyce, right?"

"Of course! That describes her to a T!" I said. "Then I told him she was half Vietnamese and he said he was half Hawaiian and half Italian. A match made in heaven, of course."

"Well done," he said. "They seem great together."

It was true. They really did. At first I was afraid it wouldn't work out because he was the new kid in town, so I assumed he'd want to keep his options open. But then again, Joyce wasn't exactly out looking for a soul mate, either. But it didn't matter right then. They were cute together and that was that.

"So, who all is at your parents' house right now?"

"Just Mom and Dad right now. Meg is coming back from Austin later tonight. Mom made her famous chili," I said, a huge smile spread across my face. I loved Mom's chili.

"You turn left right here, right?" Cayden asked as I approached Shady Grove Road off of Davis Boulevard.

Cayden had already memorized the route to my parents' house. He really was like a human map.

We were greeted by four overly excited, barking dogs. We found my parents out back, sitting in the patio seats by the pool. We pulled up two seats and joined them.

"The chili is ready, so just let me know when you're hungry!" Mom said as she hugged us both.

"Excited for Nascar next week?" Dad asked, hugging me and shaking Cayden's hand.

"Yeah, I hear it's going to be quite a Texas experience."

"To say the least," Dad said.

After a little bit of talk about Nascar, the Rangers, and our plans for the week, the conversation turned to politics and Mom and I took it as our cue to sneak away. I don't do politics.

"Want a beer?" I asked the boys as Mom and I stood.

"Sure," they both said.

I grabbed a Leffe for Cayden (leftover from his last visit) and a Bud Light for Dad. Then Mom and I retreated to the living room.

"So how were the Halloween parties? Did Cayden get along with everyone?" Mom asked.

"We had a blast! He's a drinking-game champion and he got along with everyone. He's kind of perfect."

After a heaping bowl of Mom's chili, Cayden and I watched as the sun dropped below the horizon and the streets flooded with goblins, princesses, and more blue Avatar Navis than I could count. It reminded me of when we used to go trick or treating when we were little. I was half temped to go trick or treating again, I'd even brought our costumes. But instead I sat outside with Mom and our dogs and handed out candy to adorable fairies, monsters, and even a Tony Romo (complete with a helmet and sling), while Dad, Cayden, and Meg stayed inside to watch the Rangers in the playoffs.

"So, are your feelings for him still as strong as before?" Mom asked.


"He's the one, isn't he?" she asked.

I smiled and shook my head.

"Yeah, he's the one."