Wednesday, November 24, 2010

125. Dare

After brunch, Cayden and I went on our first movie date. OK, so it was more of a triple date with Joyce and Joey (Rae and I take credit for hooking them up) and Rae and Rick. Well, Rae and Rick weren't on a date being that they're roommates and they were both in committed relationships with other people. But you get the picture.

I'd gone on movie dates before—with Addam and Will and I'm sure a handful of other guys. I used to think of it as the cop-out date pick; you didn't have to talk to each other, with the lights off you don't have to look at each other, and a scary movie is an obvious excuse for accidental gropage.

But I savored my movie date with Cayden. It was another one of those little things other people take for granted. We chose Paranormal Activity 2. I watched him out of the corner of my eye to see his reactions. I learned that when he's scared, he laughs. And when I'm scared, I hide behind my hands, his hands, a cup, anything solid. Oh, and we talked. "What the fuck is that?!?" "Run!" "Get out of the house, you retard!" "Forget the baby, just RUN!" All in hushed whispers. As for accidental gropage? Well, let's just say it wasn't an accident.

Movie date was soon followed by let's-walk-around-Northpark-Mall-and-point-to-all-the-expensive-shops-we-can't-afford-to-breathe-in date. Rick and Rae left after the movie, but Joyce and I dragged the boys around the mall pointing out Tiffany & Co., Versace, Oscar de la Renta, Cartier, Gucci, BVLGARI, and every other high-end store we passed.

"Joyce, look," I said pointing at a random statue of a body lying in the middle of the hall. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Joyce looked at it for a while, then looked at me, then looked back at the statue.

Then her face lit up. "The Lying Down Game!"


I can't remember where I heard about the Lying Down Game, but I remember Google Imaging it and laughing so hard I cried. The rules are simple: You just lie face-down in random places and take a picture of it. Joyce and I had talked about playing a few times, but we always forgot when we were out and about.

Joey and Cayden had no idea what we were talking about. They looked at us like we were crazy while we discussed positioning and the perfect camera angle. Then we tossed Joey a camera.

(Go try the lying down game yourself, send me an email with your picture, and maybe I'll post them all on my blog! Seriously. Go do it. I dare you.)



  1. It's so weird to be reading all these and knowing they happened not even a month ago. However, I was wondering, are we ever going to hear more of Cayden's story? I love your story, but he still hasn't gotten to the point in his story where he meets you. I can't WAIT for that part! :)

  2. I wish I could write them as they happen so you can read it in real time! But then I'd have to neglect Cayden while he's here, and I just can't pull myself away from him to blog. Oh, and Cayden was swamped with a project at work, and he's working on his MBA, so he hasn't had time to blog lately. But I think things have settled down a little, so maybe he'll get back at it! (Although I cringe reading about him with other girls)

  3. "(Although I cringe reading about him with other girls)" haha that's probably how he feels when he reads about you with other guys.

    The lying down game looks like tons of fun, and very tempting! I'll have to do that once I find a clean patch of ground... Maybe in the snow when I go home! ;)