Monday, July 19, 2010

5. Game Time Part 2 (Cayden's Story)

I cringed when I was reading this, but being that I got to tell my Brady and Addam stories in full detail, complete with an almost-threesome, I suppose Cayden should get to share his dirty details. You better believe I won't be rereading this one any time soon, but here's the continuation of last night's post...


When we got back to Jenny’s holiday apartment, the sun was coming up. It had been a hell of a long night. Even still, the night wasn't over for me. I still had to win at my game with this girl who I’d never see again.

We started kissing and something really hit me. It was like my heart dropped into my stomach and I got that butterflies-in-my-stomach thing girls always talk about.

What the hell was happening to me? I’d NEVER been affected by a kiss like that before, but it was such an amazing feeling. Every time we kissed it was the best sensation ever.

This was interesting, my thoughts of jumping her bones and getting on out of there had vanished and I was actually enjoying the intimacy of this non-sexual act.

Jenny got out of bed to grab a glass of water, her tall tanned legs being complimented by a brown silk night dress that just covered her ass, such a tease but soooooo damn sexy!

She came back to bed and crawled on up to me with her night dress now slipping away ever so slightly to show some amazing cleavage. She was a 36 C and I was extremely appreciative of them.

As we lay there kissing, she moved down to my chest, kissing down on to my stomach. Then she lied there with her head on my stomach, facing south.

Why did she stop? What was she thinking?

The next thing I knew, my boxers were stripped away and that was it: The most use baseball terms, "Triple"... I’d ever received.

Now from a guy's point of view, there are good "Triples", OK "Triples" and down right awful/painful ones where you just hope that the grating of teeth against you has left you with no permanent scaring.

This didn’t have a category, it was just out of this world, probably better than most sex I’d ever had. When she was done, she rose with a smile on her face as if to say, "My work here is done."

I was hooked on this girl.

Was it the "Triples?" Was it the kiss or her sexy body?

I’m not sure, but I just loved every minute of it.

As we lay there laughing and talking afterward as if we’d known one another for ages, we just both seemed happy with each others company. Before I left that day, I asked when she was leaving Cyrpus.

“Next weekend” she replied, a whole six days away.

I asked if she’d like to meet again, and we met that very night, and spent almost every minute of the next six days together.

We would have BBQs around my place, we lay on the beach talking and getting to know each other and it was just an absolutely amazing experience.

I took her to a beach where it was so calm and shallow, you could walk out into the warm sea for about a hundred yards and the water would still only be knee deep. We’d lay on the sea floor with the water just covering us and fool around, kind of knowing that people knew what we were up to but we didn’t really care too much.

All I knew was that I was having a wonderful time, a time that got better every night with amazing triples, but no home runs.

Turns out, she was on the, uh, "Disabled List" for for four of those six days.

But the day before she left, fresh off the DL, I hit a homerun.


  1. Is this ever going to be continued?

  2. Yes, it will! Sorry about that. Cayden got incredibly busy rolling out a new system at work and he's been working 6am-8pm almost every day. Poor guy! But once it's all in place, he should have more time to finish his story. I can't wait until he starts talking about ME! :)