Thursday, July 15, 2010

3. The Boss's Daughter (Cayden's story)

Seven guys alone on the top of a mountain with nothing but beer for entertainment? After reading last night's post from Cayden, I was scared to death to read tonight's. I was afraid I'd find out my Prince Charming had charmed a few princes, if you know what I'm saying. Seven drunk, horny, 20-somethings with no one to take their sexual frustrations out on? This couldn't end well....


As the months passed, I made the most of getting off that mountain at every second I could. It was an hours drive to the nearest large city, but it was definitely worth it. Nights out were good, I could book a cheap hotel and chase women as I liked to do.

I realised life wasn’t perfect but I had to make the best of a bad situation.

After a summer of meeting women and having a good time, the tourist season ended, and nights out in the city were going to be less frequent.

In October 2003, I found out that an old timer I’d worked with at my previous base and who I'd hit it off with, was going to be my new boss. He was a great guy. He would be bringing his daughter I was told, who was 18 at the time and I was 20.

As I knew my new boss, I welcomed him and his family and took them to their new home on the mountain. His daughter, Louise, was kind of pretty, not my normal type, but good enough for a guy living up a mountain. I didn’t really see her for the first couple of weeks and even then, just saw her on occasions.

My work had a get together down the mountain one day and afterward, Carl said “don’t rush off, you can take us to a good restaurant you know of because we’re hungry and we’ll give you a lift back.” I didn't have to work the following day and had nothing up the mountain to rush back to, so I did just that.

When we arrived back up the mountain later that evening, Carl invited me in for a drink. His family was cool, very relaxed and really nice people. After a few drinks, Carl and his wife went to bed because he had work in the morning.

I was left on my own, in my boss’s living room, on the sofa with his daughter, Louise. What the hell do I do?

As life was teaching me, drink seemed to be a good option, so we drank.

We got a bit tipsy, fooled around a little and then just talked for a while. Time kind of flew by…until I heard the door open and Carl came out. Time stopped.
"Shit Cayden, you’re still here? I’m off to work and you’re still up with my daughter, what the hell have you been doing?"

He smiled as he was just messing with me and got ready for work and left.

As the weeks and months went by, I found myself in a relationship with Louise. I spent a lot of time with her, we enjoyed trips down the mountain in my jeep and everything seemed to be going smoothly. I spent Christmas day round at the bosses house and he liked that I made his daughter a happy girl.

Was it awkward that I was seeing my boss's daughter? TOTALLY! I got stick from the guys in work joking that I was sleeping my way to the top. I was nicknamed ‘The Son’ and ‘mini-Carl’ but I let the jokes fly because it was all fun.

When the weather started to pick up again the following spring, I realised that there was something wrong. I didn’t actually like being in a relationship. I wanted my choice of girls. I wanted to play and win at my game of meeting girls and getting lucky with them.

With that in my mind, I began to notice the things I didn’t enjoy about Louise. She was a bit immature and didn’t really have many things in common with me. I liked her, but as time has taught me, I wasn’t in love with this girl. The situation I was in, on top of a mountain with no female company, it kind of pushed me into thinking I really liked Louise.

Was she just a stop gap to keep me going through the winter months? It seems so, and I decided to end things. There was a problem, though. Louise was studying for an Officer selection process in a month's time as she wanted to join the air force. I knew Louise really liked me, but I couldn’t break her heart and possibly ruin her chances of a good career by her falling to pieces at the interview.

So, I’d have to wait until she got back.

When Louise was away, my friend Johnno had been seeing a holiday rep down by the coast. We went out one night and I met a friend of the rep girl he was seeing. She was a great looking girl, amazing body and quite flirtatious. She knew my situation with Louise. I was completely honest about that, and she told me of a guy she had just recently finished with.

I knew things were over with Louise, and wanted to tell her a month before, but I was thinking of her and her career. This time, I thought of myself and spent the night with Zoe. I convinced myself that I hadn’t cheated because things were already kind of over.

When Louise came back after her selection course, I said we need to talk. We had the chat, and as hard as it was not to say it, I used the words “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Yes, cringe-worthy I know, but it was totally true. That’s exactly how it was, and I couldn’t really put it any other way. She seemed to take it well and respected my decision. I had 3 weeks off from work after that and spent them in an apartment near the beach, living the Cyprus life I thought I’d be living. Life was great again.

Well for a day at least until Louise’s mother called.

“What has happened? Louise hasn’t stopped crying and is so upset”

I explained things to her mother and she was understanding of my reasons why I’d broken her daughters heart.

A few more days of tears, and Carl was pissed off. His daughter was seriously heart broken and I was the cause.

I now know why people say to stay away from the bosses daughter. After this, our relationship was never the same, especially when Louise rebounded with the guy Carl hated the most.

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