Wednesday, June 30, 2010

52. Shower Scene

I ducked my head underwater and pushed off the bottom step of the pool, away from my friends, away from the rest of the party. The cool water was a welcome reprieve from the sticky, warm night air. With my arms stretched ahead of me and the water rushing past me, I bathed in the silence of the water. When I came up, I was almost to the edge. The voices of the partygoers far behind me. I took three more steps and pressed my hands up against the clear glass wall and peered out to the city. The pool hung over the 10th floor of the hotel and offered a killer view of downtown.

I jumped up to reach the top of the wall and dangled there for a moment. Then I did a half-assed attempt at a pull up so I could get a better view. Remembering the three of four vodka tonics I'd had in the hotel room earlier, I decided hanging on the side of a glass wall 10 stories above the ground probably wasn't the best idea. I dropped back down to the water and floated on my back, looking up at the skyscrapers around me. Cayden would have loved this. I wanted him there with me so badly. He would have loved the pool, the weather, the view. Oh ... and me.

I wore the Transformer Dress to the party. I tied the cords underneath to make it "party-length," stopping at mid- to upper-thigh. I paired it with short brown cowboy boots, and carried my swim suit in my bag because it looked tacky under the dress. It was beautiful. I was in love with my London dress.

Nicole had come down to visit for the weekend, the same Nicole who was with me at the bar the night I met Cayden. Our good friend Carson was crashing at my place for the weekend as well. This was my first party as a non-single woman, so I was glad to have my two close friends to hang out with to keep me from flirting with guys. I'd always been a big flirt, but add a little alcohol and boys in bathing suits, and flirting can lead to other things. But not when I have a boyfriend. Especially a boyfriend like Cayden.

I looked at the empty glowing water next to me and pictured Cayden there. His face all lit up while he gazed out at the buildings, up at the stars, over at me. Then I realized I probably looked ridiculous hanging out at the other end of the pool by myself, drunkenly contemplating life. I filled my lungs with the warm night air and dipped back under the cool water.

I resurfaced close to the stairs, where a group of my friends were hanging out. I was still far enough away to wipe my nose without anyone seeing me. There's nothing grosser than trying to talk to someone while they have a gross, wet booger clinging onto the side of their nostril. Then I ran my fingers under my eyes to make sure my mascara and eye liner hadn't smeared.

"Have fun down there?" Carson asked.

"That's what she said," I thought, but went with "You know it!"

"Let's go grab another drink."

"Where's Nicole?" I asked, looking around at the groups around the pool.

"Not sure, maybe she's refilling."

We walked into the hotel room, freezing cold and wrapped in our plush hotel towels. The dresser was a makeshift bar lined with vodka, rum, tequila, beers, limes, and a variety of snacks. I bit into a strawberry and then grabbed Carson's arm.

"What?" She said.

"Shhhh... do you hear that?"

The shower was running. Maybe that's where Nicole had disappeared to. The longer we listened, we realized she wasn't alone. In an attempt to crash their party of two, Carson and I threw the door open and jumped in. We were relieved to see that both Nicole and Daniel still had their bathing suits on. Thank god. Daniel seemed peeved at first, but then he realized he was now in the shower with three girls instead of one.

"Now this is a party," he said.

"It's not gonna happen," I said as we all squeezed in closer to share the welcoming warmth pouring down from the giant showerhead. The cold pool water dripped down from my bathing suit and left through the drain in the floor. Flashbacks of my night with Brady and TJ came flowing back to me. No, that wasn't going to happen again. I was with my best friends, not some crazy, off-the-wall sometimes-lesbian. Just then I felt my top come untied, and I grabbed it just in time. Daniel laughed and tried to untie Nicole's next. I would have punched him if I'd thought he was actually hitting on me, but Daniel and I were good friends and even played on the same softball team. He's just an immature goofball sometimes when he drinks.

"Jerk," I said as I retied my top, opting for a double knot.

"Shhhh," Carson said and we all quieted to listen. Other people were coming in for refills. We stayed quiet, but it was pretty obvious the shower was on.

"Heyyy!!!" Tony said as he threw the door open and saw the four of us standing there. Tony was the host of the party.

He joined us in the shower and I realized things were about to get weird. I was in the shower with two guys and two other girls. Would I want Cayden in the shower with two other girls? Although I trust him completely, I'd like to give that a big hell no. I needed to plan my escape. Then it came to me. I was in the shower with two girls and two guys, who were all mostly drunk.

"Hey, I've got a great idea. Carson, why don't you make out with Tony, and Nicole, you make out with Daniel."

They looked at me, looked at each other, shrugged and went in for the kill. My work there was done. I stepped out of the shower without them even noticing. Not that they would have cared. No one wants an awkward fifth wheel in the shower scene.

I wrapped myself in a towel and plopped down on the white, fluffy hotel bed. I reached for my phone in my bag next to the bed, and I emailed Cayden.

"Baby, I wish you were here right now."

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