Monday, August 20, 2012

313. Slip n Slide

"You grab my leg and I'll grab yours," Chandler said. I didn't think twice before slipping down on my back and hooking one arm around his shin. With his head at my feet and my head at his, we created a human raft and allowed the current to force us down the curvy slide. We screamed and laughed as we swished back and forth, nearly spilling out the side of the slide and into the landscaping surrounding it. 

"Move!" we both screamed as we spotted David climbing up the slide just a few feet in front of us. He jumped and straddled the slide in just enough time for Chandler and I to fling through this legs and pour into the pool on the other side. We both came up laughing and sputtering water. I couldn't tell if his eyes were bloodshot from the chlorine or the numerous alcoholic beverages we'd consumed up until that point, but I was pretty sure mine looked the same. 

"Y'all almost nailed David!" Cayden, spilling some whisky and coke in the pool as he gestured toward the scene of the almost collision.

I stood on tiptoe and planted a big, wet kiss on his slick lips. 

I was having the time of my life. I couldn't remember a time I'd been happier. 

"Oh, you missed it," Cayden said. "Vicky went down that other slide on a raft and she flung off of it and into the bushes!"

"Oh my god." I couldn't believe I'd missed it. I lived for moments like that. "Where the hell did she get a raft?" Not that it really mattered. They weren't even allowed to be in the exclusive pool, but we were all about breaking rules. In fact, even though Cayden and I had exclusive wristbands, we weren't allowed to use the slides because we didn't have pool-terrace rooms. But like I said, we were rebellious rule breakers. 

We spent the next hour or so climbing back up the slide and flying down on our backs, our stomachs, and each other before we decided to break for dinner.

"So, quick naps and showers and then we meet up in the lobby for dinner?" Courtney asked. 

"Nap time? More like sexy time." I thought I said it in my head. 

"That's exactly what I meant by nap time," Courtney said, giving Chandler a suggestive look. 

We parted ways and Cayden and I skipped toward our cabana hand in hand. 

"I love our new friends," I said, looking up at Cayden with drunken eyes. 

"I know, they're perfect," he said. "They're so much fun. And they're just like us! I wish they lived in Dallas."

"I guess we're just going to have to take some road trips to Monroe, Louisiana."



  1. The thought of going down a waterslide drunk is making me queasy. Kudos to you!

    1. It was pretty freakin awesome! The bruises and burns on our hip bones the next day.... not so awesome.

  2. I loved this. it made me giggle :)

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    thank you :)