Sunday, August 5, 2012

310. Date Night

I'm here!

My stomach did flip flops as I read the text message. I nearly flipped out of the hammock I'd been glued to for the past few hours.

I'll meet you in the lobby!

I stopped in front of the mirror on my way out and was surprised to see that the humidity hadn't yet caused my hair to revert back to my 7th grade style when I lived in Houston and straighteners didn't exist. I put my hat back on anyway and reapplied my deodorant, lipstick and perfume before I skipped toward the door.

 looked at the time: 8:05. My stomach growled as a reminder that the only thing in my stomach since my bowl of cereal at breakfast were three beers and a handful of peanut M&Ms. My big plan to throw Cayden down on the bed and kiss every inch of his body was quickly being replaced an even greater desire to stuff my face with anything and everything at one of the various restaurants on the resort.

I passed by the tennis courts and basketball court, rounded the corner and walk-ran between two rows of two-story white cabanas. I smiled at the staff members behind the hospitality desk and nearly hurdled over a small hispanic child chasing after a beach ball in the lobby. I scanned the room.

There he was. Standing in front of the front desk with his suitcase propped up next to him. His smile mirrored mine the moment our eyes met. It took everything I had not to let four months of sexual and emotional frustration explode right there in the Sabor lobby. Talk about will power.

I closed the distance between us with a few strides and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled me tight with his arms around my waist and I was finally exactly where I wanted to be forever. I wanted to cry. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to wrap a leg around him and dry hump him in the hotel lobby. Instead, I stood on my tip toes and kissed him.

My lips stung and puckered and I pulled away as fast as I'd swooped in.

Cayden looked down at me laughing.

"Yeah, I forgot to tell you. I probably taste like the ocean."

I made exaggerated spitting gestures and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

"That ferry ride was rough."

I decided I didn't care whether he tasted like spearmint gum or the Gulf, and I stole another lip-stinging kiss.

"You're here," I said when I pulled away. "You're really here."

I said it every time to reassure myself it was true.

"I'm here," he said with a smile. "And holy shit, you look amazing. Look at you."

He spun me in a circle. I beamed.

"OK, now let's get you a shower so we can go eat. I'm so hungry I could eat a dolphin."

Cayden held my hand tightly as we walked to our room. I pointed out the activities pool, the relaxation pool, and three of the five restaurants. "What are you hungry for? I'm thinking either Asian-fusion or Italian." I silently hoped he'd say Italian. I could have motorboated a plate of fettucini right about then.

"Let's do Italian," he said, smiling down at me.

After he was fresh and showered and dressed up in his gray linen pants and button down shirt, we did something we hadn't done in four months. We went on a date.

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