Tuesday, July 31, 2012

308. Bienvenido

"Hola! Bienvenido! Welcome to Sabor," a short hispanic man with friendly green eyes greeted me as I stepped off the shuttle. He replaced my nearly empty Dos Equis can with a plastic cup of ice cold beer. Welcome, indeed.

I waved goodbye to the new friends I'd made on the shuttle--a Navy Seal stationed in Japan and his dad, a married couple in their 50s who were about to embark on their 20th scuba diving adventure, and a pair of newlyweds who I kind of wanted to punch in the face just because they were allowed to get married and I wasn't--and followed behind the man with the friendly green eyes rolling my bags toward the lobby.

The sun fought to break through a thick layer of clouds overhead. Palm trees decorated the walkway to the lobby and a large pool with a tiki bar and interconnecting water slides sprawled out ahead of me. From what I'd read on the website, I identified this as the Exclusive pool, available only to those staying in the exclusive section of the resort, which we were. Exclusive also meant adults-only. Yes, the adults-only pool had water slides attached to the first-floor guest rooms. Unfortunately, our room was on the third floor. But not unfortunately, this is what greeted me as I walked in.

Romantic, right? That was my first thought. My second thought was a vision of me getting tangled in it and nearly suffocating myself as I tried to rock Cayden's world. Neither one of us is known for our grace or elegance, so sensual bed curtains could cause serious safety risks. The thought of rocking Cayden's world sent tingles to places I won't mention. 

I get to do that TONIGHT, I thought to myself. After four months of not touching, kissing or getting all up on my fiance, I was plenty ready. 

"Mas cervesa, Miss?" 

I jumped as I realized Green Eyes was still in my room. He'd set my bags down by my bed and he was gesturing toward the fully stocked mini fridge. I looked down at my half empty plastic cup and wondered where the rest of the beer had gone. Had I spilled it on the walk over? Surely I wasn't already three beers down...

"No gracias," I replied and handed him three one-dollar bills on his way out. 

I had to cut myself off. If I kept drinking at the rate I was going, I'd be bleary-eyed and shit-canned by the time Cayden got there and face-down in bed just minutes after. And I don't mean that in a good way. It was 2:30 pm. Cayden's flight would land in Cancun in one hour. Then he'd have to take a taxi to Playa Del Carmen and take a ferry to Cozumel and then get a taxi to the resort. He guessed he wouldn't get to the resort until 7:30. What in the hell was I going to do for five hours if I couldn't drink?

I found the answer on my patio.


  1. I have been waiting for this! Yay! I am not excited for the two of you! I can't wait to hear more. ::Happy Dance::

    1. It was freakin amazeballs. I hope to get the blog caught up soon!

  2. Omg! So* excited for you! Lord! Sorry...