Sunday, July 1, 2012

306. The Good Life

I haven't even thought about our denied visa since we booked our trip to Cozumel. It's liberating. I spend my days daydreaming about lounging in the pool with a margarita in one hand, Cayden's hand in my other, the sun soaking our skin. Not a care in the world. I spend my nights dreaming about hands in other places. Lips on lips. Tongue on stomach. You get the picture. And the only thing that makes these dreams bearable is knowing it's going to happen, and soon.

16 days.



You better believe I'm going to be doubling up on my hot yoga classes until then. Speaking of which, I've officially lost 20 pounds since January, and I've never been more excited to wear a two-piece. I've been hiding in one-pieces and the most stylish tankinis I can find (which are few and far between) every summer since... well, since I can remember. A few months ago I saw this bathing suit on Pinterest that caught my eye. I decided I'd reward myself with it if I hit my goal weight.

I wore it today for the first time.

I've never spent that much money on a bathing suit ($72.50) or waited that long for it to arrive (almost 6 weeks), but I'd do it all over again and spend twice that if I had to. It's so worth it. I feel absolutely amazing in it. And my sister pointed out today that this it matches my ring perfectly. How convenient.

I'm on cloud 9. Or cloud 16 if there is one. On top of that, I just got a new client at work, and it's by far the most exciting account I've ever worked on. I've been working non-stop for the past week (apart from a few breaks for day dreaming) but not even a second of it felt like work. 

I love my job. I love Cayden. I'm loved by Cayden. I love my family, friends and random strangers who smile at me on the sidewalk or on the road. I love my kickball team. I love yoga. 

I'm in love with love. 

This, y'all, this is the good life. 


  1. It's so great to see you so happy! This will be a great trip for you!

  2. 20 lbs?! Way to go! So happy you guys get to take this trip!

  3. dear whitney my heart goes to you and cayden, I read your story and it was so heartbreaking that at one point I started to cry, mainly because your story hits a little too close to home, I'm from Mexico, bf is from US, we met when I was living in NC as an aupair, we started dating, by 6 months into the relationship he moved to FL, we were apart for 3 months, I visited last Nov and on Dec I finally came back to Mexico, he came to visit on Dec n got to meet my family, it has been 7 months since last time we saw each other, thankfully in 10 days I will be able to go up there n stay for a whole month.

    I felt bad for you, cause I know how bad it feels to not have the person you love next to you, to not being able to call n ask him to grab lunch or dinner together or maybe catch a new movie, I know how angry it makes me feel when people say this whole LDR is not going to work, that we are fooling ourselves that maybe he is cheeting and that I should look for someone here. LDR are not for everyone, you, I and all the people involve in this type of relationship know that, LDR is for people that are willing to wait because they do not want to be settling down, they do not want second best, they want the best of the best, even if that means being apart and spending hrs skyping and buying mega expensive tickets, it doesnt matter at the end because you know that person and your relationshiop is worth it.

    About the whole like crazy I hate that movie, I would recommend going the distance with Drew Barrymore is way more optimistic, because I truly feel that by the end of like crazy they didnt love eachother anymore, I felt it like they had to go through the whole thing because if not it would be a failure, but u know thats just me.

    So like I said Im visiting my bf in 10 days yay!,and we are going to apply for the fiancee visa so after reading your story I feel not so optimistic, sometimes I feel I should keep away of all blogs, movies or whatever related to k-1, LDR and stuff. My biggest fear is that because of my mexican nationality our application gets send to the black list, because there are a lot of illegal mexicans living there, which makes me so mad cause I even paid my taxes last what was it April?, I never violated the law and all that, so I´m afraid my hopes of realitic happily ever after wont become true, bf and I are expecting to get married this time next year, so hopefully we will.

    I hope your situation gets fixed because it means hope for the rest of us, enjoy your trip :)

    Best wishes,

    1. Nabile,
      I can't believe I'm just now seeing this post! How was your visit??? Did you have the time of your freakin life? I agree, you should stay away from the forums, because people only post on forums when they have something to complain about. I let myself read forums once and I cried myself to sleep, convinced we'd never get to be together. Granted, we definitely hit a few road blocks, but I'm confident that one day soon we'll get our fairytale ending. The most fucked up fairytale ever, but a fairytale nonetheless. Keep me updated!! I want to hear how it goes!