Wednesday, January 25, 2012

259. Hand in Hand

Goosebumps raced down my arms. My breath was stuck in a state of constant inhale. Marvin's voice washed over me as he belted the chorus of Mary Did You Know? It was my favorite song to hear him sing because he didn't hold back. He sang the chorus so powerfully he had to hold the microphone at waist level so we wouldn't all go deaf.

Cayden turned to me and mouthed the word "wow."

I responded with a silent "I told you so."

Cayden was just as taken away by Marvin's singing as the rest of my family had been for years. Growing up, my dad always played Neil Diamond's Christmas album on the record player on Christmas morning, but a few years back we retired Neil for Marvin. No complaints here. 

I wish I could say Marvin's singing was my favorite part of the service that morning, but nothing touched me more than when I saw two men in their 70s walk hand in hand toward the front of the cathedral to take communion. My heart melted. It was true love, and I was overwhelmed with an emotion I couldn't quite put my finger on. Was it compassion? Gratitude? Pride? Love? All too often we hear about churches turning people away because of their sexual preference. It warmed my heart to know that those two men had a place they could go to to worship and show their love for God and each other without ridicule. 

"Will you still hold my hand when we're that age?" I whispered to Cayden.

He nodded and then held my hand up to his lips and kissed it. "I'll still call you my hot wife when we're that age."

I planned on holding him to that. 

After the service we found Marvin in the lobby and he wrapped each of us in a warm bear hug. 

"I am just so glad you all could make it! It's been way too long! How is everyone? Who's this one?" 
I pushed Cayden out in front of me. 

"Marvin, this is my boyfriend Cayden."

I tried not to wince while I waited for his reaction. I had a feeling he still had his heart set on me being his daughter in law. 

Marvin's beaming smile didn't even twitch as he shook Cayden's hand and said how nice it was to meet him.

"Now let me tell you something," Marvin said to Cayden, while placing his hand on my shoulder. "Whitney is just precious. She's incredibly smart and talented and beautiful inside and out. And if you treat her wrong, there's a little black man inside me somewhere that will come out and kick your ass."


  1. It makes me SO happy to hear that this church is so accepting. There are definitely not enough churches like that. How wonderful!

    1. I like to think that one day all churches will be like that. One day.