Monday, November 14, 2011

237. Good Morning, Beautiful

I woke up and felt Cayden's heavy arm draped across my back. I smiled thinking he'd subconsciously cuddled with me all night while we both spent the past 8-10 hours in our separate dream worlds. I wasn't sure what time it was, but I felt the sun peeking through the hotel blinds, and I felt like I'd slept for an entire day. The pillow felt cool against my cheek and it felt like the mattress was cradling me. I wasn't sure I'd ever been so comfortable.

Cayden kissed my left shoulder and my body reacted. Suddenly, I didn't care about the cool sheets or the cushy mattress. I wanted to be as close to his warm body as possible. I turned onto my side and Cayden pulled me against him, forming the perfect big spoon/little spoon bond. I was the happiest little spoon on the face of the earth. 

"Good morning, beautiful," Cayden whispered into my ear. Every time he said it, that Steve Holy country song played quietly in my head. 

Good morning beautiful
How was your night?
Mine was wonderful
With you by my side
And when I open my eyes
And see your sweet face
It's a good morning beautiful day.

"Good morning," I whispered back, scooting even closer to him. 

"How was the rest of the wedding? I don't even remember hearing you come home."

"Their car was really late, but when it finally came the send off was beautiful, of course. And you were completely out by the time I got home."

"Yeah," Cayden said. "I've never been that tired in my entire life. But I feel amazing now."

I turned in his arms and buried my face in his chest. I stil had a huge fear of morning breath, so I made a point to keep my mouth south of his face. How was it 2011 and no one had invented a cure for morning breath? 

I kissed across his chest in an arch from nipple to nipple. He squirmed against me and I watched goosebumps form under my touch. I was going to capitalize on that hotel sex while I still could. Luckily Cayden and I were on the same page. 

I don't know what it is about hotel sex that makes it more exciting than bedroom sex. Is it just the fact that it's not your bed, so it feels somewhat foreign and out of the ordinary? Or is it because you know there's probably someone on the other side of the wall who can hear every moan, squeal, and bed creak, and there's something sexy about that? Or is it because there aren't any distractions there--no chores to do, no roommates to be cautious of, no responsibilities. Your entire being is focused on one person, one experience, one incredible feeling. Or maybe one person, two experiences, and two incredible feelings. Or maybe one, three and three, depending on what time checkout is. 

We finally pulled ourselves out of bed two hours later. My legs felt like Jell-O and I was in a daze. With a half smile and wobbly knees, I headed toward the bathroom for a shower, but the big garden tub looked more inviting. 

"Babe?" I asked. "Want to take a bath with me?"

I'd only taken a bath with a man one other time, with Will during OU/TX weekend. To be romantic, he booked the jacuzzi suite at the hotel we were crashing it, and we planned to take a bubble bath. It sounded romantic at the time. Really, it did. What girl wouldn't want to take a bubble bath with her boyfriend? Well, it wasn't as romantic as we'd hoped. The layer of bubbles grew and grew until they were covering me up to my cheeks. I tried to wipe them off my face but only added more. The bubbles were cold and they tickled my skin as they clung to me. No matter how many times I tried to wipe them away, they multiplied. I felt smothered. GET ME OUT OF HERE! I thought. 

"Of course I do," Cayden said as he walked into the bathroom completely naked. 

"Just one rule," I said. "No bubbles."

We filled the tub with steaming hot water and Cayden got in first. He leaned his back up against the tub and I plopped down in front of him, his legs at my sides, like we were riding the log ride at an amusement park. The water rose dangerously close to the top. While garen tubs are bigger than standard tubs, they're still not big enough to accomodate two people comfortably.

"When we finally move in together, can we get a huge tub?" I asked. 

"Definitely," he said. "A huge tub and a fireplace. Those are my stipulations."

I leaned back against him and he wrapped his arms around me. I'd never felt so protected. I closed my eyes and tried to picture what our life would be like once we lived together. Would we make time to take baths together? Would we kiss and hold hands as often? Or would we take the close distance for granted? I knew the day would come that I'd be bitching at him for leaving a wet towel on the bed and he'd be planning a guys night to get away from me for a while. But I never wanted to lose the feeling I had right there in his arms. The feeling of never wanting to spend another day without him. 

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