Monday, September 19, 2011

218. Freaky Friday

The new job came with many perks. Among them: hilarious coworkers, control of the company blog, vacation days, creative freedom, and a superhero-themed office. But my favorite perk yet? Summer Fridays (leaving the office at 2 pm every Friday in the Summer). I'm a firm believer that Summer Fridays are a necessity in every workplace. They build team morale, increase productivity and cater to a healthy work-life balance. Well, and they give you time to work on your tan, therefore increasing Vitamin D.

I planned on taking full advantage of my Summer Friday while Cayden was in town. I left at 2 p.m. on the dot. Not a second later. Our first stop: Northpark Mall. I was in desperate need of a gift for Shanna's bridal shower the next day, and we had time to kill before our dinner-and-a-movie date night we had planned. 

We wandered into Williams Sonoma and printed out a 4-page registry list. I was still new to the whole registry thing. I didn't get it. 

"Do I HAVE to get her something off this list?" I asked Cayden, trying not to whine too much. 

"Well, that's kind of the point of it, right?" he said. "Instead of guessing what to get her, you can just get her what she wants?"

"Well, yeah, but then what's the fun in giving the gift if she already knows what she's going to get? It's not like she's going to be surprised. My gift won't even stand out!" I was officially whining. I had a thing about gift giving. I LOVED giving gifts. Correction: I loved giving good gifts. If I had to show up to a party with a gift card or some other half-assed gift, I'd rather not show up at all. 

I perused the list, looking for any item that stood out. Nonstick loaf pan, instant read digital thermometer, strawberry huller, electric pepper mill, at least five different types of spatulas....

"What in the hell is a strawberry huller?"

Cayden shrugged. 

We ran around the store like two pirates on a treasure hunt, using the registry as our map. If only there were an X to mark the spot. We held up different kitchen tools and examined them as if they were utensils from the future.

"What the hell...?"

"What does it do?"

"Shit! That's sharp!"

We were a lost cause. 

Eventually, we settled on a brunch cookbook and set off to find an apron to go along with it. She didn't have an apron on her registry, but I just couldn't show up with a gift that lacked any element of surprise.  I didn't have it in me. 

Apron shopping took us to Macy's, where we got distracted by the furniture section; namely, the Tempur-Pedic beds. We lay there on our backs, staring up at the ceiling. I felt my body sink just so, into the most comfortable position I'd ever felt. I felt like I was lying on top of the world's biggest Angel Food Cake. And it was delicious. We ooo'ed and ahhhhh'ed. 

Cayden's hand crept over and found mine. I couldn't even move to acknowledge him.

"I never want to leave this bed," he said, moving his eyes my way instead of his head.

"Let's stay," I said. 

We made a few more orgasm-like sounds, unintentionally catching the attention of the a salesman and more than a few bystanders. 

"Babe?" Cayden asked. 

I opened my eyes and slowly turned my head to face him. "Hmmm?" was all I could muster. 

"Can we put this on our registry?"


We stood in front of the touchscreen ticket machine at AMC Northpark and debated changing our date night plans. Originally, I planned on getting dressed up and then going to dinner and a movie. But we were already at a theater, so what was the point in going home first?

"It looks like Horrible Bosses is on at 5:45. Should we aim for that one?"

Cayden checked his watch and I watched him do the math in his head. Let's see, it's half four now, so that gives us a bit more than an hour to kill before the film starts. We had a quick bite to eat at the food court not long ago, so dinner isn't an option. 

I could almost hear his thoughts. 

"Oh, I know what we can do!" I said, startling him and breaking his train of thought. "We could buy tickets now, and then head down to La Duni and have a couple drinks. There's this drink there called a Pisco Sour. Ohmygod you have to try it!"

La Duni is an adorable, romantic restaurant on the first floor of the mall, known for its pastries and rich espressos. A Pisco Sour is like heaven in a cup. It's white and frothy and sweet and sour and rich and salty and perfect. Oh, and it'll get you fucked up. 

We made our way down to La Duni and picked out a small, cozy table right next to the coffee bar. I ordered a Pisco Sour for each of us and told Cayden to prepare his mind to be blown. Minutes later, heaven in a glass arrived. 

"Wow, that's.... that's... delicious," Cayden said. "Almost tastes like a brandy sour."

"A brandy sour on a whimsical cloud, maybe," I said, sucking the whipped, frothy deliciousness up through my straw. The recipe calls for a whipped egg white, which I decided should be a main ingredient in every drink. "A brandy sour on a Tempur-Pedic bed, maybe."

"That's it!" Cayden said. 

We clinked our glasses together and spent the next hour sucking down two Pisco Sours each and talking about life. That's the thing about Pisco Sours. Half of one turns your cheeks red. A full one makes your lips tingle. One and a half makes your hormones tingle. And two make you downright horny. 

Which might explain why Cayden and I found ourselves playing a frustrating game of over-the-pants groping an hour and a half later while the previews were showing in the theatre. Yes, we were like a pair of high school students exploring second base through denim. 

Ah, to feel young again. 

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