Sunday, June 19, 2011

201. One Day

"It's beautiful," I said, leaning against Cayden and hugging my coffee mug between two hands.

We were sitting out back on the deck with Joyce, Joey, Chaz, and Rae, watching the clouds roll across the sun, covering the lake in shadow. It was Sunday morning and we'd just rolled out of bed in our pajamas.

Cayden pulled me in closer against him with one arm, holding his coffee mug in his other hand.

"I'm just glad we all survived last night," Joyce said, shooting a dagger look at Joey.

"Hey, I'm fine! And so is Joe," he said. "It will be a good story later."

He was right. At the time, there was nothing funny or entertaining about being stranded on a broken boat while it was storming and people were being electrocuted, but retelling it has been exciting.

"Do we have to leave today?" I asked. "I could sit right here and watch the water all day."

The truth was, I could have sat in Cayden's arms all day, lake or no lake. He was leaving in two days and I was already starting to panic. I'd gotten so used to him being around, I didn't want to readjust to being alone, sleeping alone, being the 5th or 7th wheel when we all go out.

"We could call in sick," Rae suggested.

"Both of us?" I asked. "I'm pretty sure they'd be onto us if we both called in sick. Although it's tempting."

The last thing I wanted to do on my last full day with Cayden was to work all day.

The clouds opened up and let their moisture fall. Rain drops splattered against the lake water, adding texture to the choppy waves.

"So much for taking the boat out one last time before we go," Chaz said.

I closed my eyes and listened to the rain mix with Cayden's breathing. I wanted to memorize that sound and the smell of Cayden's deodorant, wet grass, and lake water. It was musky and manly and clean.

"I want a lake house," I said, to no one in particular.

"We'll get one," Cayden said. "One day."


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