Sunday, March 6, 2011

News and Updates: The Chris Mac Show

What do you get when you put three sport-loving males and two Jersey Shore and Kardashian-loving women in the same room with microphones to talk about love, sex, and breast-milk ice cream? Yesterday's Chris Mac Show. That's what.

Carson tagged along with me for moral support (just in case Chris Mac was actually a psycho murderer posing as a radio show host to reel sex-bloggers into his lair). Good news, though. He wasn't! Chris, Mason, and Andre turned out to be great, hilarious guys that I wouldn't mind getting shitfaced with sometime.

The first 30 minutes of the show is the interview with me, and then the rest of the show includes commentary from me and Carson about sports (Wunderlick test), and weird news like a live-sex demonstration in a Human Sexuality class, a porn debate at a church, and smuggling iguana meat from Mexico.

PS-My mic is broken for the first half of the show, so that's why Carson and I sound really far away.

I tried my damned hardest not to giggle this time.

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