Thursday, March 3, 2011

News and Updates: The Chris Mac Show

Remember when I did that podcast with the hilariously inappropriate guys at It's Just Banter? Well, one of their listeners heard me on there and he's been reading my story ever since. He has an internet radio show of his own, and he asked if I'd be the guest on Saturday's show.

This gives me a chance to redeem myself from the embarrassing giggling shit I pulled on the Banter podcast. I cringe when I listen to that (the guys were great, I just sounded like I'd sucked on helium balloons all day after binging on pot brownies). So I told him yes, I'd love to be on his show. Hey, maybe we can even call Cayden in and grill him on the spot.

The show will be live this Saturday from 1-3 CST. It will be on in the green bowl (I have no idea what this means) and later you can find the podcast at

I'm bringing Carson along to keep me in line. Chris will be interviewing me during the first half hour of the show and then Carson and I will be commenting on the rest of the show while the guys talk about Charlie Sheen or whatever other celeb hits rock bottom before Saturday (see: Christina Aguilera).

****You can tweet us your questions during the show (@whitforbrit and @thechrismac) or post them on The Chris Mac Show Facebook page and I'll read your questions and answer them live on the show.******

That's all for now! Hope you get a chance to catch the show!


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