Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your Stories: Different Kind of Love

I just came across this story while I was perusing Twitter before I went to bed, and felt compelled to share it. I know I don't usually post these kinds of stories, but it's still a love story.

Below is an excerpt. Find the full story here.

Kaylea is my little cousin. She is six years old, she is one of the brightest students in her Kindergarten class, and she LOVES to read! And not to mention she is one of the cutest kids ever! (Well I think so, but I might be a little bit biased.)

On January 27, 2011 we found out that Kaylea had leukemia. She was sent to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, and the next day she was diagnosed with acute lymphocyte leukemia. I think at this point my entire family is in shock. I know that I still am. We've dealt with cancer in our family before, but never has it effected someone so young.

Today she had surgery to place a port put in her chest, as well as a spinal tap. The plan is to start chemo sometime later today. I was able to talk to her mother this morning and said that throughout the entire ordeal Kaylea has been laughing and smiling. That doesn't surprise me at all.... that's just the way she is. I don't think I've ever seen this little girl not have a smile on her face.

I know how powerful the bookish community can be, and I am reaching out to you now.

As I said Kaylea loves to read! If you would be interested in sending a card or maybe even a book her way, I know that it would put a smile on her face. Kaylea isn't picky about books, she likes all kinds. Ones that she can read herself or ones that her momma can read to her! (She likes books about ballerinas and sign language! But I'm sure she would be happy with anything, I believe she is at a pre-k & k reading level, or a reading age of 4-8... hopefully that helps.)

Kaylea Stewart
P.O. Box 623
Parker City, IN 47368

As you can assume something like this can put a financial drain on any family. From the way I am understanding it, Kaylea's mom is leaving her job and also leaving the families only source of medical insurance.

Riley Children's Hospital does some wonderful things, if you would like to donate to the Children's Hospital in honor of Kaylea you can do so, at the Riley Children's Hospital page.

I'm also taking up a donation for the family themselves. Every little bit will help. If you would rather not donate money, I know that the family would appreciate gas cards, fast food gift cards... really anything would help at this point. If interested you can send those things to the family via the mailing address above.

I'm sending her a book called Elphland: The Story of Santa's Elves. But I'm going to see if the author will name one of the elves after her first before he sends it. (He's a family friend) Hope she likes it!

If you're sending her a book, comment below and tell me what you're sending her! I love hearing what people's favorite childhood books were! (Mine was Go Dogs Go!)


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