Monday, December 20, 2010

News and Updates: Cross your fingers

Before tonight's post I just want to ask you all to keep your fingers crossed that the flights get back on schedule in London (and any other city with bad weather and flight delays) so everyone can be with their family/loved ones on Christmas. My good friend Sarah just finished a semester abroad in Scotland and is supposed to fly from London to Dallas tomorrow, but now they're telling her they can't get her on a flight until the 26th at the earliest. If she can't get on standby before then, she'll miss Christmas with her family, and she'll also be stranded without a place to stay in a city where she knows no one. (Granted, there are worse cities to be stranded in!) So I might be begging some of you London readers to take my friend out for a drink if she gets stuck there. She's really sweet, I promise! I'm sure a lot of you know someone in a similar situation, and it's awful to think so many people might miss their family Christmas. Hell, even Cayden might not make it here in time! (I'm trying not to think about that for the time being). So, can everyone keep their fingers crossed, not just for Sarah, but for everyone out there stranded on Christmas?? I'd super duper appreciate it :)



  1. I'm in that same boat, heading home for Christmas on Thursday. Hopefully the weather will hold out for everyone! *crossing fingers!*

  2. My fingers are crossed for you, too! Taking your boy home with you?

  3. Whitney, you're holding us in suspense! What finally happened during christmas? Did Cayden make it here?