Sunday, December 5, 2010

News and Updates: 2011 Calendar?

So I'm sure you're up to your eyebrows with holiday shopping and wish lists and finding that perfect gift for your perfect someone, but I thought I'd just add one more gift suggestion to your plate.

I'm creating a Fairytale Beginning calendar for 2011, full of all new pictures of Cayden and me. Actually, I'm creating TWO calendars. One's sweet, the other is sexy. (I'll leave that up to your interpretation.)

I'm still working on the logistics of all of this as far as pricing and shipping goes (being that some of you live on the other side of the world), but I thought I'd start by asking how many of you would even be interested in buying one. So, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you could send me an email and let me know if you'd want to buy one (this doesn't mean you have to later, just gauging interest here), and if so, would you want Sweet or Sexy?

I need your input so I'm not creating something you don't want. So, if I get zero emails for the Sexy calendar, I'll throw that idea out the window (you know, after I buy one to hang next to my bed). My guess is they'll be about $20, but if enough people are interested, I might be able to go cheaper on that.

Maybe we can even write a little note for you on your birthday before we send it out! I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head, but I'd rather hear yours. So send me an email and let me know what you think!

Heads up: There's also some talk of an iPhone and iPad Fairtyale Beginning App. But you didn't hear that from me :)

Love yall!

Can't wait to hear what you think!



  1. Where is the money going? Are you donating it to a charity?

  2. Well, long-distance relationships are EXPENSIVE. So, for starters, I'd love to use the money to buy a plane ticket to London so I can meet Cayden's family. But if I do ever figure out how to sell all kinds of products (T-shirts, journals, keepsakes boxes, long-distance relationship gifts, paintings, etc), Cayden says I we should set up a partnership with Help for Heros, a charity in the UK that benefits military personnel who are hurt in war and their families.

  3. how vain do you have to be to think people would want to have a CALENDAR of you and your boyfriend - 2 people none of us know - after having read hundreds of, albeit hilariously entertaining, completely fake, over the top "real stories" blatantly used to sound really cliché romantic but that actually make me think "what the fuck, you've not even met his family even though you're so in love? and do you honestly have nothing better to think about during your private, personal love-making sessions than 'oh yeah this will make a good blog story'?" I think, mate, you're a bit more in love with the idea of a romantic, long-distance relationship, than really in love. I think that's pretty obvious from the way your Twitter name is "WhitForBrit", which I find so denigrative to your supposedly real "boyfriend" that you just see him as a "Brit".

  4. So, Blogshine, does that mean you want 2 calendars? 1 for home and 1 for work? I mean, since you had to "waste" so much of your time reading "hundreds of... real stories" that are "really cliche romantic", you obviously seem like the type to want to look at these "2 people none of us know" all the time. Just sayin... betch. If it's so annoying, get the eff off her blog.

  5. I also agree with Joy - do you really think she could make this stuff up? I've been friends with Whitney for four years and have never seen her happier than when she is with Cayden. So if you have nothing nice to say, stop reading, and stop raining on her parade! DO you really think she would have won a UK blog award if this was all false? Believe me, sometimes I think, this can't be real, it's too perfect. But I remember being in love and seeing the world exactly how Whitney sees it now that Cayden is in her life. She deserves all this happiness and more!

  6. Dear blogshine,
    "what the fuck?" girl, if you're bothered that much but have been keeping up with the blog you must be bitter because looks like you hit a couple branches coming down the ugly tree...or were recently dumped. Whit's blog is read by people around the world! She's just trying to give appreciation to her readers by letting them have a piece of her story and whynot make some $$$ in return? If you dont like it dont read it. My girl, Whit deserves it for all the hard work she puts into this blog! You go girl!
    blogshine- Im over you, but would love to hear where u got that geriatric-chic blouse from! I need to find a Christmas gift for my grandma...mate *blows kiss your way *

  7. I don’t post comments on the blog normally but in this case I’m going
    to make an exception. Having read the hilariously funny, albeit
    contradictory post by Blogshine, I felt I had to make a contribution.

    The calendar had no such thing to do with vanity. Over 1000 people
    enjoy reading the blog daily and just like people want to purchase
    Hello Kitty merchandise (damn that vain kitty), Whitney figured people
    may want a calendar of the blog they enjoy reading. Why do you buy a
    calendar? Why do you buy one with something on it that you like?
    Could it be because you like it?

    What’s next.....ah yes, hahahaha, you had me bowled over laughing at
    this ‘after having read hundreds of, albeit hilariously entertaining,
    completely fake, over the top "real stories" blatantly used to sound
    really cliché romantic but that actually make me think "what the fuck,
    you've not even met his family even though you're so in love? Where
    to start with this one, you make it sound like you don’t enjoy reading
    the blog? Yet you’ve painfully brought yourself to read hundreds of
    posts. You live in London, one of the most vibrant cities in the world
    and you have nothing better to do than read a blog you so obviously
    hate? Really? I guess that explains your view of what’s “real” in the
    world and what’s not. To think you can’t be in love without meeting
    someone’s family either. Again, really??? How on earth will meeting
    my family make the blind bit of difference to how Whitney and I feel
    about one another? I love WHITNEY, not her family (although they are

    cool people, too). I’ve not seen most of my family in 2 years. In

    fact, Whitney probably knows them more than I do myself and she’s

    never even met them (they've talked on Facebook).

    I’m a guy that enjoyed chasing women, enjoyed being independent and
    the thought of having a girlfriend didn’t even enter my mind until I
    met Whitney because it’d get in the way of my ‘plan’ (you’ve read the
    hundreds of completely fake, over the top “real stories” so i’ll
    assume you know about my plan). Long distance relationships are
    extremely difficult and there is nothing to love about the romance of

    a long distance relationship. What the hell is there to love about
    long distance? The £500 flights, the missing out on celebrating things

    with each other, not being able to have sex when you want, the
    sickening feeling of saying goodbye at the airport each time you visit
    or not being able to support someone when they need supporting???
    Sounds like a ball, you should sign yourself up to one if you like the
    romance of that, seriously! I wouldn’t wish it on my worst
    enemy...although for a reality check I wouldn’t mind wishing it upon

    you. I hope Santa brings you your Prince Charming for Christmas :)

    Lastly, if you’ve not quite got it from reading my personal response,

    I’m very real. Oh and I just signed up to Twitter......BritForWhit :)

  8. Wow ... rage-dump much, Blogshine? Do you really have so little going for you that you feel the need to pounce on somebody else's happiness? Of *course* the calendar's not about vanity, moron - it's about Whit being able to offer merchandise to fans of the blog. Are rock bands vain when they sell t-shirts to promote their art? Not in the least. Why should Whit be any different?

    I will, however, extend my thanks to you in one respect - your hatefulness did bring Cayden out to Twitter in order to take up for his lady. So, y'know, thanks for that. :)

  9. Okay, it's very apparent that none of you know a thing about my humble little home country. Firstly, us English, we don't call it "the UK", because all four of our countries are very different. And for one thing, "Cayden", when did a say a lived in London? Are you just assuming a live there because in your little Yank mind, Whitney, everyone in "the UK" lives in London and knows the Queen and says "tally ho old bean"? A live nowhere near London. Believe it or not, there are plenty of other towns, cities and counties in England.
    Secondly, NO ENGLISH PERSON, IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, HAS EVER, EVER, NAMED THEIR BAIRN CAYDEN. That was the worst English name you could ever have come up with. What about Ben? Or James? Or John? Even Montague if you wanted it to have a bit of spice, but Cayden? Seriously? Hadaway man. Much too overly American. Suppose it's too late in the game to change it now though eh mate.
    A also never said that a personally had read "hundreds" of these fairytales. A said everyone else had, all of you other saddos jumping to the defence of a lass you actually don't know at all.
    Finally, a just think you should know that, even if somehow, sometime, you could ever prove to me that you both are two real people in a real relationship, a still wouldn't apologise. A have been with my partner, my "Prince Charming" if you will Cayden/Whitney, for 5 years and am still very much in love. Because of this it just completely baffles me, puts me in a right fettle it does, that anyone would want to share all their private stories with the world. And also, reciting it word for word is fucking awful kidda, it's like you sit there and take notes of everything you say to each other, and nothing is ever just private.
    If any of this is real - it isn't - then you're just reducing your relationship down to fuck all.

    A'm finished now, but a would be grateful to hear your responses again, they were a good craic with my marra ;)

    Oh but just PS, what are your neighbors like?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I'm sad for you. It's hard to believe someone so in love could be hateful enough to take time out of their days to bash someone else. It's my story and if you don't like it, well, then don't read it. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I tried to read your blog, but decided not to after a good 30 seconds because it was so negative and woe-is-me. But not once did I think, "Hey, maybe I should tell this girl everything I hate about her blog ON her blog. Yeah, that sounds like a splendid idea." But hey, that's your blog, not mine, and good luck with it. I can write about whatever I want to write about and you can do the same.
    I don't care to prove to you that Cayden and I are real people in a real relationship and completely head over heels for each other, because you're not worth it. So go back to your miserable little life with your "Prince Charming." I hope you two are very happy together, and I sincerely wish you the best of luck. Tell the Queen I said "Howdy." Thanks.

  12. Not for nothin', but it's pretty obvious just from her profile that Blogshine is Bitter McBitterson when it comes to Americans. I'll be the first to say we're not perfect, but come on, sister... buck up already. No one likes a negativo.