Monday, November 1, 2010

News and Updates: Halloween

So, as you know, I won't be blogging much while Cayden's in town, but I just thought I'd share a couple of pictures with you to give you something fun to look at. The first one is a picture of a girl named Laci and her husband. She's a dedicated follower of Fairytale Beginning. So dedicated that she talked her husband into dressing up as Cayden for Halloween! She dressed as me, and she looks way cuter. But check out how freakin adorable they are!

It's not in the photo, but she made an adorable pink koozie that says "Cosmo Blog Award" one one side and "Fairytale Beginning" on the other. She's going to send it to me! It's going to be my new must-have party item.

And here's a picture of Cayden and me. We were going to be a Greek Goddess and a Gladiator, but I decided my costume was too conservative and his looked more like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crossed with a Christmas Tree. You just never know what you're going to get when you order your costumes online! So, about two hours before our party Saturday night, we decided to be 70s marathon runners. I thought up the marathoners idea, and he added the creative 70s twist. I think he just wanted to wear his short shorts. My roommate, Stephanie, took a better full-length shot, but she didn't upload it yet, so here's a face shot!

Side note, someone handed Cayden a koozie at the party and he looked at it like it was a bomb or something. He'd never touched seen one before! But don't worry, we taught him all about koozies, beer pong, and flip cup. He's actually undefeated at drinking games. Yeah, I know how to pick em!



  1. SO glad you taught him BOTH beer pong and flip cup. College musts! I even convinced my mother to play flip cup this past Saturday when she was in town for Dad's Day on campus. I was so proud!

    I would challenge Cayden to a FC contest any day of the week!
    I went to OU hoco this year and played a round that was PERFECT.
    That is, all 8 cups flipped on the first try.
    It. Was. Epic.

  3. Callah- A koozie is a foam cupholder that keeps your beer cold!

    Mallori- Gotta love passing the tradition onto our older generations :) Keep flippin.

    Jaime- Thanks! It used to be hella ugly. But I love Jordy Liz's redesign!

    Danielle- He'd kick your ass :) Haha, not really. I'm guessing it was just his beginner's luck.

  4. Too funny - we call it tippy cup in MN. Love your blog, and like so many others, discovered it at work and am using my Saturday to catch up so I don't get fired! ;)