Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News and Updates: Viva Las Vegas!

I'm flying out to Vegas tomorrow for the Blog World and New Media Expo!, and I haven't even kind of started packing. I've never been to Vegas, and I can't really afford to fully experience Vegas, so penny slots here I come! Keep your fingers crossed that I hit some kind of billion-dollar jackpot so I can move to London and spend the next year or so traveling the world with Cayden. Wishful thinking, right? A girl can dream...
Speaking of dreaming, I'm dozing off now and I have to get up early to pack before work! So I can't write you a juicy post tonight. I'm brining my laptop to Vegas with me so I'll try to blog while I'm there. (I'm sure everyone else will be typing away on their high-tech iPads while I'm lugging around my 17" MacBook Pro with a spider-web-like crack through the middle of the screen. Yeah, I'm classy like that.) But I'll definitely be tweeting, so if you're not following me on Twitter yet, do it! (@whitforbrit)
So, is anyone else heading to the Expo?? If you are, send me a tweet and maybe we can tweetup! Yeah, I just said that.

Well, it's bedtime for this girl. Sweet dreams, yall :)


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