Wednesday, September 8, 2010

News and Updates: HOLY ****

So, now you're all caught up on the Will story! You're probably wondering if things worked out with Duncan or not. Well, I'll have to save that story for another time, because guess what?? CAYDEN LANDS IN DALLAS TOMORROW!!! I've been counting down the days for so long I didn't think the 9th would ever come. But it's finally almost here, and I am freaking out! Freaking out in a good way, though. Like, every time I think about it, I almost pee a little. Not cute, I know. But I'm trying to lock it up and keep my shit together before tomorrow. Doesn't help that Tropical Storm Hermine is being a little bitch and screwing up all my plans.

I bought candles yesterday because I thought it would be fun to have a candlelit night with Cayden, if you know what I'm sayin. But then I had to break them in this morning because our power went out in the middle of the night. It better come back on soon, because if I can't use my straightener before tomorrow I'm going to end up single. The all-natural look really isn't that cute on me.

My roommate is going out of town for a work trip, so Cayden and I will have the place to ourselves all weekend. I'm going to try to refrain from tackling him at the airport when I see him, because being that he has a Pakistani last name and he's traveling on 9/11 weekend, I'm sure TSA will have a close eye on him. If I tackle him I'll probably get tazed, too.

I have a lot of things planned for his visit, so I don't think I'll have time to blog at all while he's here. So yall are going to have to hang tight until Monday to hear how things went! But I will be tweeting when I can, maybe uploading some photos and whatnot. Not the dirty kind...

So, what's on the agenda? Well, there are a few surprises sprinkled in, so I can't tell you yet or he might read it here and ruin the surprise. But if this weather clears up, I'd like to take him to the botanical gardens at some point. Oh, and Friday night I'm taking him to my parents house for a huge Cuban meal! All of my siblings are coming in town for it, and I can't tell you how excited I am for him to meet the fam. It's going to be like Christmas or something! I love holiday dinners at my parents house because we all get a little too tipsy and eat too much, and laugh so hard that one of us wets our pants. (No, I'm serious. I'll never live down our Christmas 2006 family photo shoot. Well, actually Thanksgiving 2007 beat that out when a night of beer pong with the family ending with me crawling around in my I-Heart-Quarterbacks underpants. And no, I don't even like quarterbacks. Go ahead, judge away.) I plan on not making an ass out of myself while Cayden's in town, but no promises.

I also want to show him downtown, and we're treating ourselves to a super-fancy dinner to celebrate our birthdays. Oh, that reminds me! The awards ceremony for Cosmo UK Blog Awards is at 3:30 am my time. How am I going to sleep tonight?? Not sure if I even have a miniscule shot at winning, but how bad ass would that be? I'm not going to get my hopes up, though. Win or lose, I'll have my Cayden here, and that's pretty much all I could ask for.

So, any last-minute questions before I go MIA for the weekend?? Ask away and I'll answer them before he gets here! (Please, it will give me something to do to pass the time). Put your question in the comments box below.

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  1. OMG!!! i´m soo exited for you!!! hope everything is going to be way better than ok!!!!
    wish you all the luck !!

  2. sorry, the right comment is: hope everything will be better than ok... my lousy english.. lol

  3. you are a crack-up! keep writing. what fun!

  4. Your family sounds freaking amazing!

  5. @ Jennyfer: Thanks! I'm pretty sure it will be a blast!
    @Friend Oh, stop. No, keep going :)
    @Amelia: I do quite enjoy them!

  6. Whitney, I have two words. DEVOUR HIM. Oh like you needed me to tell you that. Let me rephrase. Devour every.single.second. with him. I'm so excited for you, it feels like I'll be at the airport waiting with you. A BIG OL YAY! for your coming days.....

  7. Oh, there will definitely be some devouring. I'm just as excited/nervous as I was before I went to London! Well, this time it's a good nervous. I hope I get this excited feeling every time I see him. And I wish someone would be at the airport waiting with me to remind me to breath!

  8. i love romance and fantasy. keep writing.

  9. Super sad I finally caught up…It took a few days and a lot of late nights procrastinating homework and losing sleep. SO worth it!

    I hope you had an AMAZING weekend. I can't wait to read about it asap.