Thursday, September 2, 2010

News and Update: The Countdowns

Exactly one week from today, Cayden will be in bed next to me. Or on top of me. Either way, I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. But I'm going to try anyway. Every time I think about it I get this rush of over excitement. I was walking down the hallway at work to the bathroom and I pretended like I was walking up to him at the airport and I was overwhelmed with excitement. I almost broke out in a sprint with this huge silly grin plastered to my face. Just as I was approaching the elevator lobby where the bathroom is, a man turned the corner and we nearly smashed into each other, face to face. No, it wasn't my Cayden. It was one of the nerdy frat-boy types who worked in the office next to mine,the office with a pool table (you can't see it, but I'm rocking my jealous face). He probably thought I was really excited to go to the bathroom. Little did he know he ruined my daydream of seeing Cayden again. Ass.

I'll wrap up the story of Will this weekend, but I probably won't get to tell the full Duncan story before Cayden comes. So I might tell it later. I might not. Before Cayden comes, I'll spend a few days pouring my little heart out to yall about all the things I want to show him :) Oh, and I'm also open to suggestions!!

7 DAYS!!


  1. You should definitely bring him over to the west side of the Metroplex for some fun stuff in Fort Worth! Margaritas on the patio at Joe T.'s, visit the stockyards and maybe Billy Bob's, walking around the new Museum of Science and History, or hanging on the lawn at the Kimball. Does Cayden have any British transplant friends here in DFW? =)