Wednesday, July 21, 2010

62. Fresh Prince

It's been brought to my attention that although I mentioned Will, my first real boyfriend, I never really told our story. That's mostly because I was in a time crunch trying to get you all caught up before my trip to London. But now that I have to wait until September to see Cayden again, I have a lot of time to get you all caught up.

Just a head's up, I can't tell our story in just one post, so I'm going to start with the very beginning.

My parents and my younger brother helped me move into my dorm freshman year. My mom organized my bathroom toiletries while my dad and brother assembled my desk and computer chair. When it was all set up, I hugged and kissed them goodbye and I looked around my new dorm room with a giant smile on my face.

This was it. I was about embark on my freshman year, a year I knew would be one of the best years of my life.

I watched them drive off in our Expedition through my window. That's when it hit me. I was alone at a school where I didn't know anyone, aside from a few people who graduated from my high school years before me. Hell, I didn't really know anyone in the entire state.

My family, who have been my best friends and roommates since I was born, was driving away. As the Expedition got smaller and smaller, tears sprang to my eyes. What was I thinking!?

Don't cry. Don't cry. Lock it up. You're 18 years old! Get a hold of yourself!

Then I remembered I wasn't alone. I went to freshman orientation camp the month before, and I'd met a few people. I pulled out my phone and searched my contact list. There was a girl I'd bonded with at camp, she was a lot of fun, a little on the crazy side, but seemed like she knew how to have a good time. What was her name?

Ah, there it was, Brenda. I hit the call button and waited, my tears receding back into their ducts.



"Hi! Is this Whitney?"

"Yeah! Are you all moved in?"

"I sure am! Walker Tower, 10th floor. You?"

"Shut up."

I was also in Walker, 10th floor. What were the chances?

Brenda met me at my room, and then we heard laughter coming from the room across the hall from me. We peeked in.

"Come in! Come in!" A petite strawberry blonde girl waved us in from her post on what I assumed was her bed.

There were a handful of other people in there, both guys and girls. We did a Wal Mart run together that day, all of us crammed into one tiny car, sitting on each other's laps. Talk about bonding.

We bought random crap for our dorm rooms like dry erase-boards and picture frames. We ran through the halls and laughed our asses off. I remember almost peeing my pants in the aquatic accessories aisle while we were debating whether or not she should buy a fish.

Who would have thought we'd go to college to act like middle schoolers?

It was day one and I already had an incredible group of friends.

We were all close, but Brenda, her roommate Dawn, another girl named Ann, and myself were inseparable.

My first class of my first day as a college student was Anthropology. To be honest, I didn't even know what Anthropology was, but it was one of my required courses. Ironically, I ended up minoring in it.

Brenda and Ann were in my class as well, so we all walked in together. We chose seats in the middle of the room.

As our short, bespectacled professor with his olive green shirt tucked into brown pants went on to tell us that anthropology was the study of people, I studied a person sitting a few rows ahead of me. He was taller than everyone else in front of me, and I think that's what initially caught my attention.

From the back, I could have sworn it was Will Smith. His skin was the same light brown shade as Will Smith's. His ears stuck out in that goofy yet adorable way that only the Fresh Prince could pull off. I glanced next to his desk to see if he'd brought a boombox to class.

He hadn't.


  1. "Who would have thought we'd go to college to act like middle schoolers?"

    baha! so true! even after all of that "growing up" we do up to senior year in high school. ;)

  2. Wow...I live in Walker Tower...on the 10th floor...right now. CRAZY!

  3. I freakin loved Walker. So bummed there's new furniture in there now, though. I wanted to go back to read all of the stuff I scribbled under the top bunk!